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Le Loup des Mers offers a boat rental with or without skipper to discover the wonders of the Pertuis of Antioche with the port of La Rochelle and its lighthouse at the end of the world, the island of Aix and its forts, Fort Boyard, Fort Enet, the Chatelaillon's coast, etc. As well as refresher training for coastal marine licence holders.

How to find us

Le Loup des Mers is located in the port of Châtelaillon-Plage facing the island of Aix. This town of Charente-Maritime is located between Rochefort and La Rochelle. It is the seaside resort of La Rochelle.

It is famous for its casino, thalassotherapy, aquatic centre, racecourse and all its activities throughout the year.

Châtelaillon-Plage is located within the marine park and the European Natura2000 network.

Le Loup des Mers - Chatelaillon-Plage

Le Loup des mers offers:

Balades en mer


Sea rides on a semi-rigid Capelli model Tempest 600 - 115CV equipped with benches and sunbathing.

Rate per adultRate per child*

« Le Bout du monde »

To discover our coastline, you walk along the seaside resort of Châtelaillon-Plage, the port of Angoulin s/mer and arrive at the Pointe des Minimes with the Phare du bout du Monde (exact replica of the lighthouse of the end of the world located south of Cape Horn).
Approximate time: 1 hour of exploring.
35 € 20 €

« La Rando des Forts »

Come discover or rediscover the Pertuis forts from the sea. Come and see the Fort of Fouras, the Fort of Ile Madame, the Fort Enet and the most famous of all, the famous Fort Boyard on a tour of the island of Aix.
Approximate time: 1 hours and half of exploring
45 € 30 €

« Les deux Tours »

Set off along the Chatelaillone coast to discover the seaside resort with a view of the sea, the tip of the Chay and its carrelets, the lighthouse at the end of the world, the Port des Minimes (the largest port in Europe on the Atlantic coast) the lantern tower and the famous Tours Saint Nicolas and La Chaine, entrance to the old port of La Rochelle.
Approximate time: 2 hours of exploring
55 € 35 €

« Port of call Ile d'Aix »

(Rando des forts + visit Ile d'Aix) Leave for the day and make a stopover on the smallest of the islands of Charente-Maritime to enjoy its wonders.
Departure is subject to tide conditions.
Click here for the calendar.

Approximate time: 2 hours + 5 hours stopover.
60 € 40 €
* Child = between 2 and 12 years inclusive.
Couché de soleil

The unusual:

Rate per adultRate per child*

« Coucher de soleil (Sunset) »

aperitif with Fort Boyard and the sunset in the background…. Postcard assured!
Approximate time: 3 hours to enjoy this moment (between 18H and 22H30)
80 € 65 €

« Lever de Soleil (Sunrise) »

Coffee with Fort Boyard and the first glimmers of the sun…. Gentle awakening guaranteed!
Approximate time: 2 hours to enjoy this moment (between 6H and 10H00)<
55 € 35 €
* Child = between 2 and 12 years inclusive.
Groupe – séminaire - evg-evjf - comité d’entreprise


Want to share a moment with friends or family?

Le Loup des Mers offers a tailor-made service, leave for the ½ day or the day to visit the Pertuis of Antioche with Fort Boyard and the island of Aix, the port of La Rochelle, the bridge of the island of Ré.
At noon, picnic (at your expense) on the Ban du Bucheron in the Fiers d'Ars en Ré or in the sea and why not a tour of the island of Ré depending on weather conditions or a stopover in the port of St Martin de Ré or the old port of La Rochelle?!
All on a towing buoy formula at will throughout the day.

Buoy 1 or 2 persons.

Rates: 99€ half day/person 145€ per day/person
(fuel and certified instructor included).
Location de matériel

TOWED BUOY - Supervised by a qualified instructor

Privatization boat/ buoy session towed at will 200€ / 1 hour (6 peoples max)
1 to 2 persons buoy, sitting or lying down for maximum sensation.


Bateau à louer

Quicksilver Activ 505 - 60CV - With coastal sea license

Rent a boat Quicksilver Activ 505 - 60 HP (max 5 persons). Ideal for fishing trips, walks, leisure (water sports,...) in family.

Equipment list : Sunshade, Depth sounder - GPS, Table, Sunbathing area, Ski mat.

Package Rates (Fuel included)
2 hours rental 179 €
3 hours rental 249 €
4 hours rental 299 €
Day rental 475 €
Sunset rental 239 €
Sunrise rental 169 €
5 people max. Fuel included for normal use (8l/h)
(CB deposit of 2500 €). Safety equipment and insurance are included.
Bateau à louer avec skippeur

CAPELLI Tempest 600 - 115CV

CAPELLI Tempest 600 115CV (max 9 persons). Privatization with skipper or coastal sea licence to discover our coastline, the Charentais channels with its islands and forts. Ideal to share an unforgettable moment with family or friends.

Equipment list : Sun awning, Sunbathing, Depth sounder - GPS, Table.

Package RATES with skipper RATES with coastal sea licence
2 hours rental 279 € 229 €
3 hours rental 349 € 299 €
4 hours rental 399 € 379 €
Day rental 765 € 575 €
Sunset rental 339 € 289 €
Sunrise rental 269 € 219 €
Deposit: 3 000 €.9 pers max.
Fuel rate included in the normal usage of 12 l/hour.

Location de matériel

equipment rental:


towing buoy, wakeboard 35€ ***
fishing rod 20€ ***
*** Deposit: 200 € in check
Remise à niveau - La Rochelle

Coastal Sea Licence Upgrade :

For holders of the sea licence who want to make an upgrade after a long period ashore, Le Loup des Mers offers you a 2h formula including maneuvers in the port (berthing/ sailing/ mooring), hold a course, knots, safety, environment.

Refresher training: 1 hour 65€ **
Refresher training: 2 hours 120€ **
** Fuel and monitor included.

These rates are indicative, do not hesitate to contact us according to your needs for a formula "à la carte".

Formation permis bateau

Boat license training:

Coastal license: This boating license allows you to drive a motorized pleasure boat from the age of 16, in maritime waters or on lakes and closed bodies of water, without limit of engine power or size of vessel, up to 6 miles from a shelter (approximately 11 km).

River license: This boat license allows you to drive a motorized pleasure boat of less than 20 meters in length on inland waters from the age of 16.

Offshore licence: Accessible to holders of a coastal license, this extension allows you to drive a motorized pleasure boat from the age of 16, in maritime waters or on lakes and closed bodies of water, without engine power or distance limit.

The Navigator's 10 Commandments:
  1. I’ll be there 15 minutes before departure
  2. The inshore license, I must possess
  3. An ID I will present
  4. On the sandbars, I’ll never land
  5. Punctual for my return I will be, the tide does not wait.
  6. Sailing with caution I will do, I respect the sea, its users and my passengers.
  7. I will take care of the equipment/boat and return it in the same condition as I found it when I left.
  8. I’ll report any incidents.
  9. Cap, sunscreen, mobile phone and water bottle will be my indispensable allies.
  10. Drink or sail, you have to choose, at the helm it is zero alcohol!

Before I go, I check the weather

Météo France - Bulletin Météo Côtier Marée Info - Horaire des marées

Who I am?

Le Loup des Mers
  • VNM Monitor

    Holder of the BPJEPS (Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport) Motorboating and related discipline.
    Allows the accompaniment of a maximum of 4 Motor Watercraft not holding the boat.
    Conduct towed gear sessions (buoys).

  • Boat School Instructor.

    Holder of Authority to Teach the Operation of Motor Pleasure Craft.

  • Skipper

    Holder of the BACPN (Certificate of Competency in the Conduct of Small Vessels)
    Master of motor vessels less than 12 metres in length, cumulatively navigating less than 6 miles from the point of departure and less than 2 miles from a shelter, and carrying not more than 12 passengers.

  • Aquatic Lifeguard

    Holder of BNSSA (National Certificate of Safety and Aquatic Rescue).
    Diploma of the lifeguard swimmer.

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